Reggeli / Breakfast
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Scrambled eggs with ham
2550Ft / 6.5€
Vegetarian scrambled eggs
2550Ft / 6.5€
Ham & Eggs
2790Ft / 7.2€
Bacon & eggs
2890Ft / 7.4€
BBQ & eggs
BBQ pulled pork
2890Ft / 7.4€
Cheese & eggs
2790Ft / 7.2€
Croque monsieur
3990Ft / 10.2€
Croque madam
3690Ft / 9.5€
Avocado-pesto sandwich mald bread
mald bread with sweet potatoes
3590Ft / 9.2€
English breakfast
guinnes grilled sausage , baked beans, fried eggs, mushrooms, bacon, grilled tomatoes , bread and hash brown
4490Ft / 11.5€
English breakfast plate for two
IPA grilled sausage, tomato bean, fried egg, mushroom, bacon, tomato, bread
7990Ft / 20.5€
Veggie English breakfast
baked beans, vegan balls, tofu, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, gluten-free bread and hash brown
4790Ft / 12.3€
Hungarian breakfast
home made ham, cream of pork, sausage, mangalica sausage, spicy cottage cheese, horseradish with cream, tv pepper, tomato, spring onion, boiled egg
4890Ft / 12.5€
Fat Mama eggs benedict
bbq dutch shredded meat
3990Ft / 10.2€
Avocado eggs benedict
3690Ft / 9.5€
Salmon eggs benedict
4190Ft / 10.7€
Home made granola with fruity yogurt
3590Ft / 9.2€
Strawberry and blueberry waffles with yogurt
3190Ft / 8.2€
French breakfast
Croissant, jam and butter
1890Ft / 4.8€
Gluten free Lactose free Vegetarian Vegan
ALLERGEN INFORMATION: We would like to inform our customers that our meals may include the following ingredients or substances: cereals containing gluten, shellfi sh, molluscs, eggs,peanuts, walnuts, soy beans, milk, mustard, sesame seeds, celery, white lupine,sulphur-dioxide (in concentration over 10mg/liter or 10mg/kg). The above mentioned substances are deemed allergens by the 1169/2011/EU regulation. Ask our waiters for more information. Gluten and other allergens that can cause a reaction can be found on the premises, so those with a heavy intolerance level should consider this when a meal is indicated to be free from an allergen. Please consult our staff when in doubt!
Chef: Attila Márton • Business manager: Ádám Márton
Dear guests! The prices shown on the menu do not contain the 12% service fee.